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authorJoel Sherrill <>1999-08-10 16:41:44 +0000
committerJoel Sherrill <>1999-08-10 16:41:44 +0000
commit981b99faf208e2c7f6e2b83d73e1b89b669112ee (patch)
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parentNew configuration files added by patch from (diff)
Patch from Eric Valette <> and Emmanuel Raguet
<>: - the dec21140 driver code has been hardened (various bug fixed) Emmanuel, - bug in the mcp750 init code have been fixed (interrupt stack/initial stack initialization), BSS correctly cleared (Eric V) - remote debugging over TCP/IP is nearly complete (berakpoints, backtrace, variables,...) (Eric V), - exception handling code has also been improved in order to fully support RDBG requirements (Eric V),
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1 files changed, 4 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/c/src/librdbg/src/i386/any/ b/c/src/librdbg/src/i386/any/
index 9663082c39..aeaab6cb8a 100644
--- a/c/src/librdbg/src/i386/any/
+++ b/c/src/librdbg/src/i386/any/
@@ -17,8 +17,10 @@ LIBNAME = librdbg.a
# C and C++ source names, if any, go here -- minus the .c or .cc
-C_PIECES = rdbg servcon servbkpt servrpc excep servtgt servtsp servutil \
- _servtgt rdbg_f ptrace
+C_PIECES = rdbg servcon servbkpt servrpc excep excep_f \
+ servtgt servtsp servutil _servtgt rdbg_f \
+ ptrace
C_FILES = $(C_PIECES:%=%.c)
C_O_FILES = $(C_PIECES:%=${ARCH}/%.o)