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bsp/aarch64: Add new Raspberry Pi 4B BSP
This patch adds new Raspberry pi 4B AArch64 BSP to the RTEMS Family. Currently only LP64 ABI is supported. ILP32 is not supported. RAM starts from 0x80000 in 64Bit kernel mode and MMU from 0x0. All Raspberrypi Pi 4B models and Raspberry Pi 400 are supported. All the IRQs are similiar to the older Raspberry pi 2 ARM BSP. Raspberry Pi 4B has 2 types of UARTs. Only PL011 serial is supported currently. Mini-UART is not supported. Mini-UART is default UART on the board so it needs to be disabled by adding "dtoverlay=disable-bt" to the config.txt. No support for additional 4 PL011-UARTs on the board. The raspberrypi.h includes many of the address required for the future development of the RPi 4B BSP. This includes peripherals, ARM Timer, VideoCore Timer, Watchdog, Mailbox, AUX, FIQs and IRQs.
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