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parentMoved PowerPC cache management code to libcpu. Also compiled (diff)
Patch rtems-rc-20000614-sh.tar.gz from Ralf Corsepius
<> that migrates the SH port to multilib'ing. This patch involved moving a number of files in the CVS repository, adding new files, and deleting files from their previous location. Ralf gave good instructions (not repeated here) and here are his notes: Note 1: In this version, I did not change the installation points of the headers which are moved inside of the source-tree. This is a temporary hack for not breaking compatibility with 4.5 based BSPs, but will probably not last once having real multilibs (We would have include file conflicts when several BSPs/CPU_MODELS share a common installation prefix). Note 2: I hope not to have broken too much, but I would not be astonished if something goes wrong. Note 3: There are more patches to come :)
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