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parentlibbsp/arm: Fix ARM BSPs missing the bsp_translation_table_end symbol. (diff)
bsps/arm: Support recent bootloaders starting kernel in HYP mode
When HYP mode is detected at startup then setup HYP mode vectors table (for future extensions) clean exceptions switching to HYP mode and switch CPU to ARM SVC mode. BSPs which want to use this support need to include next option in their RTEMS_BSPOPTS_SET([BSP_START_IN_HYP_SUPPORT],[*],[1]) RTEMS_BSPOPTS_HELP([BSP_START_IN_HYP_SUPPORT], [Support start of BSP in ARM HYP mode]) AM_CONDITIONAL(BSP_START_IN_HYP_SUPPORT,test "$BSP_START_IN_HYP_SUPPORT" = "1") and need to include next lines in corresponding if BSP_START_IN_HYP_SUPPORT libbsp_a_SOURCES += ../shared/startup/bsp-start-in-hyp-support.S endif Updates #2783
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