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2000-08-26 Rosimildo da Silva <>
* Added generic Micro FrameBuffer interface for MicroWindows. This interface allows MicroWindows to under RTEMS. A sample driver has been developed for the pc386 BSP. See pc386/fb_vga.c as a sample. * Added Uniform Input Device interface for MicroWindows. See PC386 bsp for sample drivers for mouse and keyboard (console). * mw-bf: New directory. *,, wrapup/ Account for mw-fb. * mw-fb/ New file. * mw-fb/mw_fb.c: New file. * mw-fb/mw_fb.h: New file. * mw-fb/mw_uid.c: New file. * mw-fb/mw_uid.h: New file.
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