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Patch from Ralf Corsepius <>:
This is an attempt to work-around a couple of nasty bugs in librdbg's Makefiles and configuration: Configure and build RTEMS as below: configure --enable-networking --enable-rdbg --target=i386-rtems make RTEMS_BSP=i386ex After a few minutes you will notice that building aborts in librdbg .... Analysis: 1) librdbg is tried to be built, though librdbg is not supported and the required directory hierarchy librdbg/i386/i386ex/ is not existant. The cause for this is incorrect setting of HAS_RDBG in most make/custom/*.cfg files (except pc386.cfg). At the moment all custom/*.cfg files (except pc386.cfg) in general are required to contain HAS_RDBG=no. However, having HAS_NETWORKING=no in most custom/*.cfg files and the toplevel configure script suppress building librdbg for all CPUs except of i386. => The i386ex BSP falls though this scheme and librdbg is tried to be build (CPU=i386 and HAS_NETWORKING=yes). 2) The Makefile.ins below lib/librdbg in general support i386/pc386 only and are not capable to be used for multiple CPUs or BSPs (RPCGEN generates it's target and bsp-specific files into librdbg/, therefore no other CPU or BSP can ever be built afterwards). This problem is hidden until now, because only a single CPU/BSP pair (i386/pc386) is really supported. 3) The Makefile.ins below lib/librdbg can delete source files due to improper handling of source files (make clean removes the *.x files in the source-tree when configuring inside of the source-tree). The patch below tries to work-around these problems for the i386ex and the pc386 BSPs. This work-around is rather fragile (it applies rpcgen -D, I don't know how portable this is) and incomplete (all custom/*.cfg except of pc386.cfg should contain HAS_RDBG=no), nevertheless it should work.
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