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parentEliminated references to stack checker related #defines. (diff)
This is another pass at making sure that nothing outside the BSP
unnecessarily uses any variables defined by the BSP. On this sweep, use of BSP_Configuration and Cpu_table was eliminated. A significant part of this modification was the addition of macros to access fields in the RTEMS configuration structures. This is necessary to strengthen the division between the BSP independent parts of RTEMS and the BSPs themselves. This started after comments and analysis by Ralf Corsepius <>.
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diff --git a/c/src/exec/score/cpu/sh/rtems/score/cpu.h b/c/src/exec/score/cpu/sh/rtems/score/cpu.h
index 935cbd4e48..8a18848f09 100644
--- a/c/src/exec/score/cpu/sh/rtems/score/cpu.h
+++ b/c/src/exec/score/cpu/sh/rtems/score/cpu.h
@@ -380,6 +380,17 @@ typedef struct {
} rtems_cpu_table;
+ * Macros to access required entires in the CPU Table are in
+ * the file rtems/system.h.
+ */
+ * Macros to access SH specific additions to the CPU Table
+ */
+/* There are no CPU specific additions to the CPU Table for this port. */
* This variable is optional. It is used on CPUs on which it is difficult
* to generate an "uninitialized" FP context. It is filled in by
* _CPU_Initialize and copied into the task's FP context area during