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-# $Id$
-Between RTEMS 3.1.0 and 3.2.0, every RTEMS defined symbol made visible
-was renamed. This document describes the change and the tools provided
-to assist you in updating your RTEMS 3.1.0 application.
-[NOTE: This change was not included in snapshots prior to 3.1.15.]
-The primary change was the addition of the prefix "rtems_" or "RTEMS_" to
-EVERY user visible RTEMS provided constant and routine. The primary
-factor in the decision to make such a sweeping change was conflicts
-between the the RTEMS and POSIX API's.
-The update script requires that Perl be installed on your computer.
-It has only been tested with Perl 5.x.
-After RTEMS has been built, in the directory "$r/<BSP>/update_tools", will
-be a set of tools to aid in making the application source changes necessary
-to address (hopefully) all of the name changes in the RTEMS API between
-releases 3.1.0 and 3.2.0.
-The update shell script is the only executable which is invoked by the
-user directly. The word-replace Perl script is invoked by the update
-shell script.
-WARNING: These tools modify the files IN PLACE!!! Backup your
- source before using these tools.
-To udpate your application, change directories to the top of your application
-source tree and execute the update script. It should be something similar
-to the following:
-cd MY_APP
-The update script will ask if you have backed up your source code before
-beginning the update process. While operating on files, it will print
-the name of each file and a dot for each change made to the source file.
-NOTE: These scripts do not attempt to address changes in calling
- sequences. After the script has run, you will need to update
- calls to rtems_clock_get(), rtems_timer_fire_after(), and
- rtems_timer_fire_when() by hand.