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Added bare bsp, mini-glue layer for POSIX port, and bare bsp information.
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@@ -40,6 +40,10 @@ This is the list of outstanding problems in this release.
be addressed. The POSIX API cannot be used with this port as a
result of this.
+ + Someone suggested writing a mini-system call interface to
+ include with RTEMS which would eliminate name conflicts. This
+ would allow the RTEMS POSIX API to be tested in this configuration.
+ Some of the tests may execute correctly and not produce the exact
ordering of lines in the screen file. This appears to be a combination
of a number of factors including buffering, processor speed, IO
@@ -57,3 +61,13 @@ This is the list of outstanding problems in this release.
+ warn/refuse to configure when --enable-libcdir and
--enable-gcc28 are given.
+ force --enable-libcdir when --disable-gcc28 is given
++ make profile does not currently work for a variety of reasons. Few
+ BSPs include profile versions of the libraries in their bsp_specs
+ file. There is no mechanism to sample data for gperf to process.
+ All of this will need to be addressed before "make profile" is truly
+ useful.
++ Bare BSP does not compile for all configurations yet. This is
+ primarily due to libcpu support code assuming that the BSP has
+ made something available which is not with a bare BSP.