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-For support and training contact:
+RTEMS was developed by On-Line Applications Research Corporation (OAR)
+for the U.S. Army Missile Command. OAR offers support, customization,
+and training for RTEMS. Custom RTEMS development services includes
+porting RTEMS to new processors and the development of custom board
+support packages and device drivers. In addition, OAR is available
+to assist in the development of your real-time embedded application.
-On-Line Applications Research
-2227 Drake Avenue SW Suite 10-F
-Huntsville AL 35805
-(205) 883-0131
+For more information, email Mark Johannes at
+or contact OAR at:
-OAR offers support and classes for RTEMS as well as custom
-development services such as ports to new processors and
-the development of custom board support packages and device
+On-Line Applications Research Corporation
+4910-L Corporate Drive
+Huntsville AL 35805
+Voice: (205) 722-9985
+Fax: (205 722-0985
-OAR developed RTEMS under contract to the U.S. Army Missile Command.
+In the past, RTEMS maintainance and enhancements were primarily funded
+by the development contracts sponsored by the U.S. Army. Now RTEMS
+is funded solely by RTEMS users. The future of RTEMS depends on
+its user base.