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@@ -6,16 +6,19 @@ and released builds
at for information on building,
installing, and using RTEMS. The INSTALL file tells you to come back here.
-See the RTEMS Wiki at
-for community knowledge and tutorials.
+See the RTEMS Wiki at for community knowledge and
RTEMS Doxygen available at
-Get help on the mailing lists:
+The RTEMS Project maintains mailing lists which are used for most
* For general-purpose questions related to using RTEMS, use the
- rtems-users ml:
+ rtems-users ml:
* For questions and discussion related to development of RTEMS, use the
- rtems-devel ml:
+ rtems-devel ml:
-See to report a bug.
+See to view existing or file a new issue
+report ticket.