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Removed targets and configurations that are no longer functional
and not likely to become so. Comments on each configuration are below. + Force CPU386 - This BSP was developed as part of the initial port of RTEMS to the i386. This board has been unavailable for a long time now. + GO32 - This BSP and some CPU code supported djgpp v1.x. This version is now quite old. No one has stepped forward to update the code to v2.x which may be technically impossible anyway. More importantly, go32 has been superceded by the pc386 BSP.
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@@ -186,8 +186,7 @@ The following bsps are supported:
host-based : posix (on linux, solaris and hpux)
a29k : portsw
-i386 : force386 i386ex pc386
-i386-go32 : go32 go32_p5
+i386 : i386ex pc386
i960 : cvme961
hppa1.1 : simhppa
m68k : dmv152 efi332 efi68k gen68302 gen68340 gen68360