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This set of changes is the build of what was required to convert to
GNU autoconf. This is the first large step in allowing an RTEMS user to perform a one-tree build (per crossgcc FAQ) including RTEMS in the build process. With this change RTEMS is configured in built in the same style as the GNU tools, yet retains the basic structure of its traditional Makefiles (ala Tony Bennett). Jiri Gaisler ( deserves (and received) a big thank you for doing this. There are still issues to be resolved but as of this commit, all target which can be built on a linux host have been using a modified version of the source Jiri submitted. This source was merged and most targets built in the tree before this commit. There are some issues which remain to be resolved but they are primarily related to host OS dependencies, script issues, the use of gawk for hack_specs, and the dependence on gcc snapshots. These will be resolved.
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+1. Autoconf support
+This version of RTEMS is configured with GNU autoconf. RTEMS can be
+configured and built either standalone or together with the compiler
+tools in the Cygnus one-tree structure. Using autoconf also means
+that RTEMS now can be built in a separate build directory.
+2. Installation
+2.1 Standalone build
+To configure RTEMS for a specific target, run configure in the build
+directory. In addition to the standard configure options, the following
+RTEMS-specific option are supported:
+ --disable-rtems-inlines
+ --disable-posix
+ --disable-tests
+ --enable-rtemsbsp="bsp1 bsp2 ..."
+By default, the RTEMS posix interface is built for targets that support
+it. It can be disabled with the --disable-posix option. The --disable-tests
+will not configure the RTEMS test suite. This is used only to speed-up
+configuration in case building the tests are not necessary. By default,
+all bsps for a target are built. There is two ways of changing this:
+ + use the --enable-rtemsbsp otion which will set the specified
+ bsps as the default bsps, or
+ + set the RTEMSBSP variable during make (see below).
+The cross-compiler is set to $(target)-gcc by default. This can be
+overriden by one of the following methods:
+ + running make with CC_FOR_TARGET=compiler_to_use. The same applies to
+ all the target specific tools (AS, AR, NM, OBJCOPY, SIZE, LD), or
+ + by using the --program-prefix option to configure to specify the
+ string which will prepended to the tool names. Be sure to include
+ a trailing "-". For example, to use a m68k-coff toolset, use the
+ --program-prefix=m68k-coff- option.
+The --target= option configures RTEMS for a specific target architecture.
+The following targets are supported:
+ (none) will build the host-based version on Linux,
+ Solaris and HPUX.
+ a29k-rtems only standalone, uses non-gnu compiler
+ i386-rtems
+ i960-rtems
+ hppa1_1-rtems
+ m68k-rtems
+ mips64orion-rtems
+ no_cpu-rtems
+ powerpc-rtems
+ sparc-rtems
+To build, run make in the build directory. To specify which bsps to build,
+add the RTEMSBSP="bsp1 bsp2 .." to the make command.
+Installation is done under $(prefix)/$(target)/rtems.
+As an example, to build and install the mvme136 and dmv152 bsps for m68k do:
+ (path_to_rtems_src)/configure --target=m68k-rtems
+ make RTEMSBSP="mvme136 dmv152"
+ make install RTEMSBSP="mvme136 dmv152"
+The sample tests are built by 'make all', do a 'make test' to build the full
+test suite.
+2.2 Build with Cygnus one-tree release
+To build and install RTEMS with the one-tree structure, just copy the rtems
+directory to the tree. The one-tree and has to be
+replaced with the RTEMS-aware versions. The build options are the same as
+for the standalone build.
+3. To use the installed RTEMS library
+To use the installed RTEMS bsps to build applications, the application
+makefile has to include a bsp-specific makefile that will define the
+RTEMS variables necessary to find include files and libraries. The
+bsp-specific makefile is installed at
+ $(prefix)/$(target)/rtmes/$(RTEMS_BSP)/
+For the erc32 bsp installed at /usr/local/cross, the line would read:
+include /usr/local/cross/sparc-rtems/rtems/erc32/
+4. Supported target bsps
+The following bsps are supported:
+host-based : posix (on linux, solaris and hpux)
+a29k : portsw
+i386 : force386 i386ex
+i960 : cvme961
+hppa1_1 : simhppa
+m68k : efi332 gen68302 idp mvme147 mvme162 dmv152 efi68k gen68360
+ mvme136 mvme147s go32
+no_cpu : no_bsp
+mips64orion : p4600 p4650 (p4000 port with either R4600 or R4650)
+powerpc : papyrus
+sparc : erc32
+5. Makefile structure
+The makefiles have been re-organised. Most gnu-based bsps now use three
+main makefiles:
+ + custom/default.cfg,
+ + custom/bsp.cfg and
+ + ompilers/gcc-target-default.cfg.
+Default.cfg sets the deafult values of certain common build options.
+Bsp.cfg set bsp-specific build options and can also override the
+default settings.
+Gcc-target-default.cfg contains the common gcc definitions. Some targets
+(a29k, no_cpu, and posix) still use the old structure.
+6. Adding a bsp
+The top-level has to be modified if a new target is added
+or if a new bsp is to be built by default. The additions required is
+basically to add which makefiles are to be created by configure and
+to add the target to the selection statement. To re-generate
+configure, autoconf-2.12 is needed.
+7. Tested configurations
+All gnu-based bsps have been built on Linux.
+The native (posix) ports have been built and run on Linux ans Solaris.
+The sparc port has been tested on SunOS and Linux.
+The following configurations have NOT been tested:
+ + Anything on Nextstep, HPUX and Irix.
+ + The a29k port.
+8. Pre-requisites
+Gawk version 2 or higher.
+GNU make version 3.72 or higher.
+gcc version ???
+The install-if-change script requires bash. On solaris systems, this should
+be changed to ksh, since ksh is provided with solaris (bash not).
+A fairly rescent version of gawk is needed to build RTEMS. This should be
+changed so that a plain vanilla awk also works.
+'make install' should only install necessary files, not the full
+PROJECT_RELEASE directory as now.
+Posix port on solaris-2.5 fails due to undefined built-in functions
+(gcc-2.7.2, might be my installation).
+Improve support for 'make CFLAGS=xxx'.