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2001-11-08 Dennis Ehlin (ECS) <>
This modification is part of the submitted modifications necessary to support the IBM PPC405 family. This submission was reviewed by Thomas Doerfler <> who ensured it did not negatively impact the ppc403 BSPs. The submission and tracking process was captured as PR50. * README.configure: Added gen405 BSP.
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@@ -193,7 +193,7 @@ mips : p4600 p4650 (p4000 port with either R4600 or R4650)
jmr3904 genmongoosev
mips64orion : (deprecated)
p4600 p4650 (p4000 port with either R4600 or R4650)
-powerpc : dmv177 eth_comm helas403 mbx8xx motorola_powerpc (covers
+powerpc : dmv177 eth_comm helas403 gen405 mbx8xx motorola_powerpc (covers
most Motorola VMEbus and CompactPCI boards) ppcn_60x
psim score603e
sh : gensh1 gensh2