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tools: Remove install-if-change program
The last installed tool in RTEMS repository is the install-if-change script. It is not used to build/install BSPs. This script does the same as the standard "install" program with an additional feature to install variants via the -V command line option. This script is used by the standard Makefile support: c/src/make/$(PROJECT_BIN)/install-if-change The INSTALL_CHANGE is used by: c/src/make/ INSTALL_CHANGE c/src/make/$(PROJECT_BIN)/install-if-change c/src/make/$(INSTALL_CHANGE) -V "$(LIB_VARIANT)" Remove the support for variant installation and instead use the standard "install" program. This breaks application Makefiles using the standard Makefile support of RTEMS. Close #3455.
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@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ noinst_SCRIPTS = bootstrap
- @files=`(cd $(srcdir); find cpukit c testsuites tools \
+ @files=`(cd $(srcdir); find cpukit c testsuites \
-name -print | sed 's,/,,' | sort)`; \
for i in $$files; do \
if test -f $(distdir)/$$i/; then : ; \