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Updated information on building your own application.
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@@ -142,12 +142,13 @@ makefile has to include a bsp-specific makefile that will define the
RTEMS variables necessary to find include files and libraries. The
bsp-specific makefile is installed at
- $(prefix)/$(target)/rtmes/$(RTEMS_BSP)/
-For the erc32 bsp installed at /usr/local/cross, the line would read:
-include /usr/local/cross/sparc-rtems/rtems/erc32/
+For the erc32 bsp installed at /usr/local/cross, the environment
+variable RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH would be set as follows to the
4. Supported target bsps
@@ -198,8 +199,7 @@ configure, autoconf-2.12 is needed.
All gnu-based bsps have been built on Linux.
-The native (posix) ports have been built and run on Linux ans Solaris.
-The sparc port has been tested on SunOS and Linux.
+The native (posix) ports have been built and run only on Linux.
The following configurations have NOT been tested: