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2002-11-07 Joel Sherrill <>
* TOOL_TARGETS: Updated. * PROBLEMS, README, REQUIRES, TESTED, UPDATE_HELP: Removed since they were obsolete.
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+2002-11-07 Joel Sherrill <>
+ * TOOL_TARGETS: Updated.
+ since they were obsolete.
2002-11-02 Ralf Corsepius <>
* Use mkinstalldirs instead of mkdir.
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-# $Id$
-This is the list of outstanding problems in this release.
-+ AMD 29k port is based on a non-GNU toolset.
-+ The test spfatal is out of date and as a result will NOT execute
- correctly. The addition of POSIX and consequent ongoing initialization
- reorganization makes it pointless to fix this until the POSIX support
- is completely in place.
-+ The m68k family has become quite large and an understanding of the
- compatibility of the peripherals on the various members of the 683xx
- family would allow someone to designate some of the drivers submitted
- for the gen683xx BSPs as useful on other members.
-+ The only supported i960 family member is the CA. No support for the
- floating point support found in other family members is present.
- This also implies that RTEMS may "think" of something as generic
- across the i960 family when in fact it is specific to the CA.
- To make matters worse, the i960 target board owned by the RTEMS Project
- is now broken and as a result even the i960CA is a "compile only" port.
-+ Some of the BSPs still define RAM_START and RAM_END in the bsp.h file.
- It is better to define these in the linkcmds file. It is also nice
- to use the linkcmds file to place overlays for on-board hardware.
-+ Not all of the BSP console drivers have been converted to termios.
- Look at the m68k/gen68360, sparc/erc32, and powerpc/psim BSPs for
- examples.
-+ UNIX port notes:
- + sometimes a stray SIGALRM is reported as spfatal completes.
- + There are conflicts between the names of native library routines
- which MUST be used and those in the POSIX support. This must
- be addressed. The POSIX API cannot be used with this port as a
- result of this.
- + Someone suggested writing a mini-system call interface to
- include with RTEMS which would eliminate name conflicts. This
- would allow the RTEMS POSIX API to be tested in this configuration.
-+ Some of the tests may execute correctly and not produce the exact
- ordering of lines in the screen file. This appears to be a combination
- of a number of factors including buffering, processor speed, IO
- device overhead, and clock interrupt rate. The biggest problem is that
- some tests depend on polled IO with no unexpected context switches.
- These may not be resolvable while maintaining the spirit of the test.
-+ The clock device drivers should really avoid doing the division
- by 1000 in the clock tick ISR to convert microseconds into
- milliseconds. This only applies to clock drivers which generate
- an ISR each millisecond and only call rtems_clock_tick every
- so many ISRs.
-+ Cross-check configure --enable-* flags.
- + warn/refuse to configure when --enable-libcdir and
- --enable-gcc28 are given.
- + force --enable-libcdir when --disable-gcc28 is given
-+ make profile does not currently work for a variety of reasons. Few
- BSPs include profile versions of the libraries in their bsp_specs
- file. There is no mechanism to sample data for gperf to process.
- All of this will need to be addressed before "make profile" is truly
- useful.
-+ Bare BSP does not compile for all configurations yet. This is
- primarily due to libcpu support code assuming that the BSP has
- made something available which is not with a bare BSP.
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-# $Id$
-This is the top level of the RTEMS directory structure. The following
-is a description of the files and directories in this directory:
- The top-level Make command file used to build the C implementation
- of RTEMS. [RTEMS assumes the use of GNU make.]
- This file.
- A list of the other tools which are assumed to be installed
- before RTEMS is built.
- Information on third-party support for RTEMS.
- build-tools
- This directory contains the source for various utilities
- needed to build RTEMS.
- make
- Make command files "included" from those in the source distribution.
- [RTEMS assumes the use of GNU make.]
- patches
- This directory contains patches for this release of RTEMS.
- src
- This directory contains the source code for the C
- implementation of RTEMS as well as the test suites, sample
- applications, Board Support Packages, Device Drivers, and
- support libraries.
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-# $Id$
-1. The installation procedure assumes that "gcc" is installed
- and is in your path for the installation of local tools.
-2. gcc 2.7.2 with crossgcc patches (
-3. binutils 2.6 with crossgcc patches.
-4. newlib with RTEMS configurations.
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-# $Id$
-The RTEMS project uses Intel x86 based computers running the RedHat
-distribution of the Linux operating system internally for development.
-This release has been tested on the following Languages/CPUs/Targets using
-RedHat Linux 5.1 as the host environment:
- ======== ========= ======================= ===============
- a29k a29k port sw (note 2)
- arm arm7 arm_bare_bsp (note 3)
- arm arm7 armulator (in gdb) (note 5 -- no tick)
- arm arm7 vegaplus (in gdb) (note 1)
- c4x c32 c4xsim (simulator in gdb) (note 5)
- c4x c41 c4xsim (simulator in gdb) (note 5 -- needs debugging)
- h8 h8300h h8sim (note 5)
- h8 h8300s no BSP (note 9)
- h8 h8300 BUILDS - NEEDS WORK
- hppa hppa7100 simhppa (note 1)
- i386 i386_fp Force CPU-386 (note 1, 7)
- i386 i386ex generic i386ex (note 1, 6)
- i386 i386ex Technologic Systems TS-1325 (note 1, 6)
- i386 i386+ PC clone (pc386) (note 1, 6)
- i386 i486 PC clone (pc486) (note 1, 6)
- i386 Pentium PC clone (pc586) (note 1, 6)
- i386 i486 DJGPP/PC-AT (note 7)
- i386 pentium DJGPP/PC-AT (note 7)
- i960 i960ka i960sim (in gdb) (note 5 -- no tick)
- i960 i960ca Cyclone CVME961 (note 4)
- i960 i960ha no BSP (note 9)
- i960 i960rp rxgen960 (note 1)
- m68k mfc5200 no BSP (note 9)
- m68k m68000 sim68000 (BSVC) (note 5 -- under development)
- m68k cpu32 simcpu32 (BSVC) (note 5 -- under development)
- m68k m68000 efi68k (note 1)
- m68k m68020 Motorola MVME136 (note 1, 6)
- m68k m68030 Motorola MVME147 (note 1)
- m68k m68030 Motorola MVME147s (note 1)
- m68k m68lc040 Motorola MVME162 (note 1)
- m68k m68lc040 Motorola MVME162LX (note 1)
- m68k m68ec040 Motorola IDP (note 1)
- m68k m68040 Motorola MVME167 (note 1, 6)
- m68k m68020 DY-4 DMV152 (note 1)
- m68k m68302 generic 68302 (note 1)
- m68k m68en302 generic 68en302 (note 1)
- m68k m68302 ods 68302 (note 1)
- m68k m68332 efi332 (note 1)
- m68k m68332 MRM (Robominds) (note 6)
- m68k m68360 generic 68360 (note 1, 6)
- m68k m68360 68360 in companion mode (note 1, 6)
- mips idt4600 p4000 (note 1)
- mips idt4650 p4000 (note 1)
- mips tx3904 jmr3904 (note 5 -- under development)
- mips mongoosev genmongoosev (note 1)
- powerpc ppc403 helas403 (note 1, 6)
- powerpc ppc403 Papyrus (note 1)
- powerpc ppc5xx BUILDS - NEEDS WORK
- powerpc ppc403 psim (in gdb) (note 5)
- powerpc ppc603e Radstone PPCn_60x (note 1, 8)
- powerpc ppc603e DY-4 DMV-177 (note 1)
- powerpc ppc603e Vista Score603e (note 1)
- powerpc ppc603e Motorola MVME230[1-4] (note 1)
- powerpc ppc604 Motorola MVME230[5-8] (note 1)
- powerpc mpc750 Motorola MCP750 (note 1)
- powerpc mpc821 no BSP (note 9)
- powerpc mpc823 no BSP (note 9)
- powerpc mpc850 no BSP (note 9)
- powerpc mpc860 eth_comm (custom) (note 1, 6)
- sh sh7032 generic sh1 (note 1)
- sh sh7035 generic sh2 (note 1)
- sparc erc32 generic erc32 ALL TESTS (note 5)
- sparc leon generic leon w/FPU ALL TESTS (note 5)
- sparc leon generic leon w/o FPU ALL TESTS (note 5)
- sparc erc32 Tharsys ERC32 board (note 1)
- sparc erc32 generic erc32 ALL TESTS (note 5)
- UNIX NA FreeBSD (ix86) (note 2)
- UNIX NA Solaris 2 (SPARC) ALL TESTS (inlines)
- UNIX NA Linux (ix86) ALL TESTS (inlines)
- UNIX NA Linux (ix86) ALL TESTS (macros)
- UNIX NA HPUX (PA-RISC) (note 2)
- no_cpu NA no_bsp (note 3)
-"NOT TESTED" indicates that this was not tested in the testing cycle
-immediately preceding the snapshot.
-(1) Target board is not owned by RTEMS Project. The target is known
- to compile and link with all appropriate tests successfully.
- If the target does not support multiprocessor configurations, then
- "ALL TESTS" does not include the multiprocessor tests.
-(2) RTEMS Project cannot internally compile or test this target.
- The HP-UX is not recognized in the configure script.
- The a29k does not use GNU tools and may suffer from bit rot.
-(3) Target is not intended to be executed. It is only an example.
-(4) The board owned by the RTEMS Project is broken. The BSP is known
- to compile and link with all appropriate tests successfully.
-(5) This BSP is tested on a CPU software simulator.
-(6) This BSP was tested by an RTEMS volunteer and reported to work.
-(7) The BSP is deprecated. For information on what would be
- required to update it contact
-(8) The Radstone ppcn_60x BSP was written by Radstone and designed
- to support any Radstone PowerPC board with only minor modifications.
-(9) This CPU model is supported but there are no BSPs using this CPU
- model included in the current distribution.
diff --git a/c/TOOL_TARGETS b/c/TOOL_TARGETS
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@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ i960:
i960-rtemscoff COFF
i960-rtemself ELF Not currently in any tools
- NOTE: i960-elf is in post binutils 2.9.1 snapshots.
+ NOTE: As of October 2002, i960 has been deprecated in gdb and gcc.
m68k-rtems COFF Switch to ELF when possible
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+++ /dev/null
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-# $Id$
-Between RTEMS 3.1.0 and 3.2.0, every RTEMS defined symbol made visible
-was renamed. This document describes the change and the tools provided
-to assist you in updating your RTEMS 3.1.0 application.
-[NOTE: This change was not included in snapshots prior to 3.1.15.]
-The primary change was the addition of the prefix "rtems_" or "RTEMS_" to
-EVERY user visible RTEMS provided constant and routine. The primary
-factor in the decision to make such a sweeping change was conflicts
-between the the RTEMS and POSIX API's.
-The update script requires that Perl be installed on your computer.
-It has only been tested with Perl 5.x.
-After RTEMS has been built, in the directory "$r/<BSP>/update_tools", will
-be a set of tools to aid in making the application source changes necessary
-to address (hopefully) all of the name changes in the RTEMS API between
-releases 3.1.0 and 3.2.0.
-The update shell script is the only executable which is invoked by the
-user directly. The word-replace Perl script is invoked by the update
-shell script.
-WARNING: These tools modify the files IN PLACE!!! Backup your
- source before using these tools.
-To udpate your application, change directories to the top of your application
-source tree and execute the update script. It should be something similar
-to the following:
-cd MY_APP
-The update script will ask if you have backed up your source code before
-beginning the update process. While operating on files, it will print
-the name of each file and a dot for each change made to the source file.
-NOTE: These scripts do not attempt to address changes in calling
- sequences. After the script has run, you will need to update
- calls to rtems_clock_get(), rtems_timer_fire_after(), and
- rtems_timer_fire_when() by hand.