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Added information on how to do this step if you installed tool
binaries rather than unpacking everything.
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@@ -19,11 +19,31 @@ cd tools
tar xzf ../archive/@value{RTEMS-TAR}
@end example
+If you did not build and instal the tools from source, then you
+will need to unarchive the build scripts at this point. In this
+case, you will have to execute the following additional command
+since you did not do it as part of building the tools.
+tar xzf ../archive/@value{BUILDTOOLS-TAR}
+@end example
+At this point, the following files and directories should
+exist in the current directory in order to build RTEMS:
+@itemize @bullet
+@item bit
+@item bit_rtems
+@item @value{RTEMS-UNTAR}
+@item user.cfg
+@end itemize
@section Add <INSTALL_POINT>/bin to Executable PATH
In order to compile RTEMS, you must have the cross compilation toolset
in your search patch. The following command appends the directory
-where the tools were installed in the previous chapter:
+where the tools were installed prior to this point: