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@chapter Default Fatal Error Processing

@section Introduction

Upon detection of a fatal error by either the
application or RTEMS the fatal error manager is invoked.  The
fatal error manager will invoke the user-supplied fatal error
handlers.  If no user-supplied handlers are configured,  the
RTEMS provided default fatal error handler is invoked.  If the
user-supplied fatal error handlers return to the executive the
default fatal error handler is then invoked.  This chapter
describes the precise operations of the default fatal error

@section Default Fatal Error Handler Operations

The default fatal error handler which is invoked by
the @code{rtems_fatal_error_occurred} directive when there is
no user handler configured or the user handler returns control to
RTEMS.  The default fatal error handler disables processor interrupts,
places the error code in @b{XXX}, and executes a @code{XXX}
instruction to simulate a halt processor instruction.