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#  $Id$

This is a collection of things which need to be done to the various 

General Issues
May need a Documentation Roadmap - for now, the "Where to
go from here" chapter in Getting Started is it.

Need a description of hello world and writing an application.

More automatic handling of version, date, revision, release, etc.

Eliminate use of gifs. [NOTE: ps, pdf, and dvi.gif are from and the various arrow and 
bookshelf icons came with texi2www.]

Redraw pictures as appropriate in open source tools.

Getting Started (C and Ada versions)
Switch back to using @url{} when pdf generation error is fixed.

Classic Users Guide
May need to enhance descriptions in Primitive Data Types Chapter

POSIX User Notes

Add pages for network services.

Add timer() services if we have any.

Development Environment Guide
Either rename to "A Tour of the RTEMS Source Tree" or include
more information on the GNU tools.  

The "C Suites" section is oddly named and the directory
tree included is wrong in that make is no longer under
the c directory.  I think the build-tools make have
moved as well.

All the paths should be provided as relative paths
from the top of the RTEMS source tree.  It wastes
valuable screen space to do otherwise.

The last paragraph of "C Suites" is vague and could
be written better.  It should include the subdirectory
names as part of the textual description.

Should this documentation even use the phrase "C Implementation"
any longer?

Directory names should be in @code -- not "quoted".

In "Support Library Source Directory", look for "which installed"

In the latter part of the "libbsp" paragraph in "Support
Library Source Directory", there is reference to the 
stubdr directory which is no longer there.

Update this section to include discussion of the shared
subdirectory and its relationship to the BSPs.  Write this
in such a way that it can be passed on to Geoffroy Montel.

In the section, "Test Suite Source Directory", there is a
numeric count of the number of tests in each suite.  This
should be eliminated for maintenance purposes.

The psxtest directory is not mentioned.  Check that no others
have been forgotten.

There should probably be no reference to the Ada sample
applications.  This document used to cover both implementations.
This now seems inappropriate.

The hello world sample test discussion mentions that it provides
a rudiementary test of the BSP startup code and the "RTEMS
C Library".  This should be rewritten to tell mroe about what
this test shows (actually a lot).  It should mention that this
test tries to avoid using interrupts.

The ticker test should mention that in contrast to hello, it
does use interrupts. :)  It can be used to tune the clock

The ticker test documentation says it calls "tm_get" -- jeez
how old is this manual.