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#  $Id$

The RTEMS project uses Intel x86 based computers running the RedHat
distribution of the Linux operating system internally for development.  
This release has been tested on the following Languages/CPUs/Targets using
RedHat Linux 5.1 as the host environment:

   CPU      CPU
  FAMILY   MODEL             TARGET               SUITES
 ========  ========= =======================   ===============
   m66k    mfc5200   no BSP                       (note 9)
   m68k    m68000    efi68k                       (note 1)
   m68k    m68020    Motorola MVME136             (note 1, 6)
   m68k    m68030    Motorola MVME147             (note 1)
   m68k    m68030    Motorola MVME147s            (note 1)
   m68k   m68lc040   Motorola MVME162             (note 1)
   m68k   m68lc040   Motorola MVME162LX           (note 1)
   m68k   m68ec040   Motorola IDP                 (note 1)
   m68k    m68040    Motorola MVME167             (note 1, 6)
   m68k    m68020    DY-4 DMV152                  (note 1)
   m68k    m68302    generic 68302                (note 1)
   m68k    m68302    ods 68302                    (note 1)
   m68k    m68332    efi332                       (note 1)
   m68k    m68360    generic 68360                (note 1, 6)
   m68k    m68360    68360 in companion mode      (note 1, 6)
   i386   i386_fp    Force CPU-386                (note 1, 7) 
   i386   i386ex     generic i386ex               (note 1, 6) 
   i386   i386ex     Technologic Systems TS-1325  (note 1, 6) 
   i386    ix86      PC clone (pc386)             (note 1, 6)
   i386    i486      DJGPP/PC-AT                  (note 7)
   i386   pentium    DJGPP/PC-AT                  (note 7)
   i960   i960ca     Cyclone CVME961              (note 4)
   i960   i960ha     no BSP                       (note 9)
   i960   i960rp     rxgen960                     (note 1)
   hppa   hppa7100   simhppa                      (note 1)
   mips   idt4600    p4000                        (note 1)
   mips   idt4650    p4000                        (note 1)
 powerpc  ppc403     helas403                     (note 1, 6)
 powerpc  ppc403     Papyrus                      (note 1)
 powerpc  ppc403     psim                         (note 5)
 powerpc  ppc603e    Radstone PPCn_60x            (note 1, 8)
 powerpc  ppc603e    DY-4 DMV-177                 (note 1)
 powerpc  ppc603e    Vista Score603e              (note 1)
 powerpc  ppc603e    Motorola MVME2307            (note 1)
 powerpc  mpc750     Motorola MCP750              (note 1)
 powerpc  mpc821     no BSP                       (note 9)
 powerpc  mpc823     no BSP                       (note 9)
 powerpc  mpc860     eth_comm (custom)            (note 1, 6)
   sh     sh7032     generic sh1                  (note 1)
  sparc    erc32     generic erc32               ALL TESTS (note 5)
   a29k    a29k      port sw                      (note 2)
   UNIX      NA      Solaris 2 (SPARC)            (note 2) 
   UNIX      NA      Solaris 2 (SPARC)            (note 2) 
   UNIX      NA      Linux (i386)                ALL TESTS (inlines)
   UNIX      NA      Linux (i386)                ALL TESTS (macros)
   UNIX      NA      HPUX (PA-RISC)               (note 2)
  no_cpu     NA      no_bsp                       (note 3)


"NOT TESTED" indicates that this was not tested in the testing cycle
immediately preceding the snapshot.

(1) Target board is not owned by RTEMS Project.  The target is known
    to compile and link with all appropriate tests successfully.
    If the target does not support multiprocessor configurations, then
    "ALL TESTS" does not include the multiprocessor tests.

(2) RTEMS Project cannot internally compile or test this target.
    The HP-UX is not recognized in the configure script.
    The a29k does not use GNU tools and may suffer from bit rot.

(3) Target is not intended to be executed.  It is only an example.

(4) The board owned by the RTEMS Project is broken.  The BSP is known
    to compile and link with all appropriate tests successfully.

(5) This BSP is tested on a CPU software simulator.

(6) This BSP was tested by an RTEMS volunteer and reported to work.

(7) The BSP is deprecated.  For information on what would be 
    required to update it contact

(8) The Radstone ppcn_60x BSP was written by Radstone and designed
    to support any Radstone PowerPC board with only minor modifications.

(9) This CPU model is supported but there are no BSPs using this CPU
    model included in the current distribution.