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This file contains information about people who are permitted to make
changes to RTEMS and its associated components and add-ons.  Please do
not contact the people in this file directly to report problems with RTEMS.

For general information about RTEMS, please visit:

To report problems in RTEMS, please visit:

RTEMS is maintained by collection of volunteers.  RTEMS is a very
broad and diverse project which requires expertise in many areas.
This breadth of knowledge exceeds the capabilities of any
single person. Each volunteer has areas of expertise where they
are more comfortable but each is capable of making technical
decisions across the entirety of RTEMS.

Blanket Write Privileges are granted to experienced RTEMS developers
who can be trusted to distinguish between changes which require
others to review, require a problem report, or can be safely committed
with limited review.

Write After Approval is granted to experienced but also trusted 
RTEMS developers.  These developers may be less familiar with
the breadth of RTEMS.  Developers with write after approval need
to submit their patches for review. Once the patches have been
approved by a developer with Blanket Write Privileges, the patches
may be checked in.  

Localized Write Permission is for developers who have primary
responsibility for a port and all associated BSPs, a BSP, or other
specific aspects of RTEMS.  These folks are allowed to make changes to
areas they maintain and related documentation, web pages, and test cases
without approval from anyone else, and approve other people's changes
in those areas. They must get approval for changes elsewhere in RTEMS.

Blanket Write Privileges
Jennifer Averett 
Thomas Doefler   
Sebastian Huber  
Chris Johns      
Joel Sherrill    
Gedare Bloom     

Write After Approval
Daniel Hellstrom 
Ben Gras         

Localized Write Permission
sparc                      Daniel Hellstrom (
beagle                     Ben Gras (