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doc: Remove in source documentation and the asciidoc package
The RSB documentation is now in ReST format and part of the RTEMS Documentation project. See Remove support for the GPL based asciidoc tool and remove the asciidoc package from the RSB. Add the Python Markdown package and update the reporter to use Markdown for HTML generation. The resuling HTML report is a single self contained file. Closes #3047.
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@@ -11,11 +11,21 @@ set'. The RTEMS Source Builder is not limited to this role but designed to fit
with-in this specific niche. It can be used outside of the RTEMS project and we
welcome this happening in other open source or commercial projects.
-The project is part of the RTEMS Project. See for
-details. The master repositiory is
+The project is part of the RTEMS Project. The project's websites are:
-Documentation is in the 'doc' directory and available as HTML at
+ RTEMS Project Website:
+ GIT Source Repository:
+ Documentation:
+ Bugs:
+Please refer to the LICENSE file for license details.
Contributions, suggestions, and bug reports are welcome.