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* waf: Fix linkcheck and spell commands.Chris Johns2017-03-271-0/+8
| | | | | | Clean up and remove code that is not needed. Fix sphinx-build quoting to work on Windows.
* Use a single top level version number.Chris Johns2017-03-201-2/+3
* waf: Correct the branch version number.Chris Johns2017-01-131-1/+1
* coverpage: Update the coverpage to have the table collapse.Chris Johns2017-01-121-4/+4
| | | | Add each doc's as a dependence to catalogue.xml.
* html: Embed the catalogue XML in JS.Chris Johns2017-01-111-3/+24
| | | | | The is to work around a security issue with Chrome on Windows. This patches let the cover page load on Chrome and Edge on Windows 10.
* html: Add support for an HTML cover page for releases.Chris Johns2017-01-111-1/+11
* waf: Add a title to the XML Catalogue.Chris Johns2017-01-101-8/+11
* waf: Improved XML Catalogue generator.Chris Johns2017-01-101-5/+6
* waf: Create an XML Catalogue.Chris Johns2017-01-091-0/+6
* waf: Add networking to the manual built.Chris Johns2016-11-151-7/+8
* Rename all manuals with an _ to have a -. It helps released naming of files.Chris Johns2016-11-031-4/+4
* waf: Add an install command.Chris Johns2016-10-311-1/+4
* RSB: Initial additionJoel Sherrill2016-10-301-0/+1
| | | | | | | | The content was manually converted from Asciidoc to Sphinx and there are some areas which remain to be done. Specifically there are some tables and embedded links which are known to remain but there are almost certainly other things to clean up.
* waf: Add top build support.Chris Johns2016-10-301-0/+34