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2019-02-20user: Add a Dynamic Loader section.Chris Johns4-0/+81
2019-02-13waf: Remove as many sys path hacks as we can.Chris Johns1-7/+3
There are still sys.path hacks in the files. They cannot be removed because the instance of python running the sphinx-build command does not see our top level path hacks. I looked at using PYTHONPATH but I could not figure out how to set a process environ var for a waf build instance.
2019-02-08build: Prepend project common pathSebastian Huber1-1/+1
This avoids conflicts with standard packages such as PIL (Python Imaging Library).
2018-12-17images/eng/Git-personalrepo: Redrawn image (GCI 2018)Marçal Comajoan Cara2-0/+33
Redraw images/eng/Git-personalrepo as SVG and PNG with a better color palette.
2018-12-17eng/vc-authors: Convert wiki page to Rest (GCI 2018)Marçal Comajoan Cara1-0/+0
Converted to Rest, and TBDs and wiki TODOs into comments. Also changed http links to https (the ones that are possible), corrected some typos, created a folder for eng images and added some formatting. This work was part of GCI 2018.
2018-12-11Integrate images redrawn as part of GCI 2018Marçal Comajoan Cara23-0/+814
All of the redrawings were made by me except images/c_user/states which was made by LukaMag. This patch serves to update all the images. This work was part of GCI 2018.
2018-11-19images/cpu_supplement/sparcwin.svg: New file (GCI 2018)Marçal Comajoan Cara1-0/+176
File was missed in previous commit.
2018-11-19Improve SPARC Calling Overview Webpage conversionMarçal Comajoan Cara5-0/+112
Fixed tables, typos, redrawn images and converted ASCII art to ditaa and PNG, and improved the overall format. This work was part of GCI 2018. Closes #3567.
2018-11-03user: Add RTEMS executable test generated images.Chris Johns15-0/+0
2018-11-03user: Add RTEMS executable and test documentation.Chris Johns15-0/+522
2018-11-03waf: Add support to build PlantUML and Ditaa images.Chris Johns2-0/+8
2018-06-18Adding Trace Docuemntation ImagesVidushi Vashishth2-0/+0
-Removed CTF related images
2017-02-02c-user: Add SMP low-level synchronizationSebastian Huber4-0/+0
2016-10-29user: Add hardware layers figure.Chris Johns1-0/+0
2016-05-20Add Eclipse user manual for RTEMS.Chris Johns28-0/+0
2016-05-18Move images to a common directory.Amar Takhar8-0/+0