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+.. comment SPDX-License-Identifier: CC-BY-SA-4.0
+.. comment: Copyright (c) 2018 Chris Johns <>
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+.. index:: GDB, JTAG, Testing
+GDB with JTAG provides a low level way to runs tests on hardware with limited
+resources. The RTEMS Tester runs and controls an instance of GDB per test and
+GDB connects via the GDB remote protocol to a GDB server that interfaces to the
+JTAG port of a target.
+.. _fig-tester-gdb-jtag:
+.. figure:: ../../images/user/test-gdb-jtag.png
+ :width: 35%
+ :alt: RTEMS Tester using GDB and JTAG
+ :figclass: align-center
+ RTEMS Tester using GDB and JTAG
+The :ref:`fig-tester-gdb-jtag` figure shows the structure of RTEMS Testing
+using GDB and JTAG. The executables are built and the ``rtems-test`` command is
+run from the top of the build directory. The RTEMS Tester executes the BSP
+architecture's GDB and expects the user to provide a ``gdb-script`` to connect
+t the JTAG GDB server.