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.. _macos:
-Apple OS X
+Apple MacOS
Apple's OS X is fully supported. You need to download and install a recent
version of the Apple developer application Xcode. Xocde is available in the App
@@ -19,3 +19,30 @@ Prefixes of :file:`$HOME/development/rtems` or :file:`$HOME/rtems` are
:ref:`prefixes` details using Prefixes to manage the installation.
+.. _Mavericks:
+The RSB works on Mavericks and the GNU tools can be built for RTEMS using the
+Mavericks clang LLVM tool chain. You will need to build and install a couple of
+packages to make the RSB pass the ``sb-check``. These are CVS and XZ. You can get
+these tools from a packaging tool for MacOS such as *MacPorts* or *HomeBrew*.
+I do not use 3rd party packaging on MacOS and prefer to build the packages from
+source using a prefix of ``/usr/local``. There are good 3rd party packages around
+however they sometimes bring in extra dependence and that complicates my build
+environment and I want to know the minimal requirements when building
+tools. The following are required:
+. The XZ package's home page is and I use version
+ 5.0.5. XZ builds and installs cleanly.
+The RSB works on Sierra with the latest Xcode.