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@@ -91,7 +91,7 @@ the RTEMS source tree. The top of the tree will be referenced as
subdirectory. Each ".cfg" file in this directory is associated with a
specific BSP and describes the CPU model, compiler flags, and procedure to
produce an executable for the target board. These files are described in
- detail in the*RTEMS BSP and Device Driver Development Guide* and will not
+ detail in the *RTEMS BSP and Driver Guide* and will not
be discussed further in this document.
@@ -159,7 +159,7 @@ the subdirectories in this directory and a description of each.
specific source code for RTEMS. The ``libbsp/`` is organized based upon
the CPU family and boards BSPs. The contents of ``libbsp/`` are discussed
briefly in `c/src/lib/libbsp BSP Directory`_ and presented in detail in
- the*RTEMS BSP and Device Driver Development Guide*. The ``libcpu/``
+ the *RTEMS BSP and Driver Guide*. The ``libcpu/``
directory is also organized by CPU family with further divisions based upon
CPU model and features that are shared across CPU models such as caching
and DMA.