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+.. index:: initialization tasks
+Initialization Tasks
+Initialization task(s) are the mechanism by which RTEMS transfers initial
+control to the user's application. Initialization tasks differ from other
+application tasks in that they are defined in the User Initialization Tasks
+Table and automatically created and started by RTEMS as part of its
+initialization sequence. Since the initialization tasks are scheduled using
+the same algorithm as all other RTEMS tasks, they must be configured at a
+priority and mode which will ensure that they will complete execution before
+other application tasks execute. Although there is no upper limit on the
+number of initialization tasks, an application is required to define at least
+A typical initialization task will create and start the static set of
+application tasks. It may also create any other objects used by the
+application. Initialization tasks which only perform initialization should
+delete themselves upon completion to free resources for other tasks.
+Initialization tasks may transform themselves into a "normal" application task.
+This transformation typically involves changing priority and execution mode.
+RTEMS does not automatically delete the initialization tasks.
+The Idle Task
+The Idle Task is the lowest priority task in a system and executes only when no
+other task is ready to execute. The default implementation of this task
+consists of an infinite loop. RTEMS allows the Idle Task body to be replaced by
+a CPU specific implementation, a BSP specific implementation or an application
+specific implementation.
+The Idle Task is preemptible and *WILL* be preempted when any other task is
+made ready to execute. This characteristic is critical to the overall behavior
+of any application.
+Initialization Manager Failure
+System initialization errors are fatal. See :ref:`internal_errors`.