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Initialization Manager Failure
-The ``rtems_fatal_error_occurred`` directive will be invoked from
-``rtems_initialize_executive`` for any of the following reasons:
-- If either the Configuration Table or the CPU Dependent Information Table is
- not provided.
-- If the starting address of the RTEMS RAM Workspace, supplied by the
- application in the Configuration Table, is NULL or is not aligned on a
- four-byte boundary.
-- If the size of the RTEMS RAM Workspace is not large enough to initialize and
- configure the system.
-- If the interrupt stack size specified is too small.
-- If multiprocessing is configured and the node entry in the Multiprocessor
- Configuration Table is not between one and the maximum_nodes entry.
-- If a multiprocessor system is being configured and no Multiprocessor
- Communications Interface is specified.
-- If no user initialization tasks are configured. At least one initialization
- task must be configured to allow RTEMS to pass control to the application at
- the end of the executive initialization sequence.
-- If any of the user initialization tasks cannot be created or started
- successfully.
-A discussion of RTEMS actions when a fatal error occurs may be found
-:ref:`Announcing a Fatal Error`.
+System initialization errors are fatal. See :ref:`internal_errors`.