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arm (ARM)
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+This BSP offers only one variant, the `altcycv_devkit`. This variant supports
+the Intel Cyclone V system on chip. The basic hardware initialization is not
+performed by the BSP. A boot loader with device tree support must be used to
+start the BSP, e.g. U-Boot.
+The BSP is known to run on these boards:
+* `Cyclone V SoC Development Kit <>`_
+* `Enclustra Mars MA3 SoC Module <>`_
+* `Terasic DE10-Standard Development Kit <>`_
+Boot via U-Boot
+The application executable file (ELF file) must be converted to an U-Boot
+image. Use the following commands:
+ arm-rtems5-objcopy -O binary app.exe app.bin
+ gzip -9 -f -c app.bin > app.bin.gz
+ mkimage -A arm -O linux -T kernel -a 0x00300000 -e 0x00300000 -n RTEMS -d app.bin.gz app.img
+Use the following U-Boot commands to boot an application via TFTP download:
+ tftpboot ${loadaddr} app.img && run loadfdt && bootm ${loadaddr} - ${fdt_addr} ; reset
+Clock Driver
+The clock driver uses the `Cortex-A9 MPCore Global Timer`.
+Console Driver
+The console driver supports up to two on-chip NS16550 UARTs. The console
+driver does not configure the pins.
+I2C Driver
+There is a legacy I2C driver. It should be converted to the I2C driver framework.
+Network Interface Driver
+The network interface driver is provided by the `libbsd`. It is initialized
+according to the device tree. It supports checksum offload.
+MMC/SDCard Driver
+The MMC/SDCard driver is provided by the `libbsd`. It is
+initialized according to the device tree. Pin re-configuration according to
+the serial clock frequency is not supported. DMA transfers are supported.
+USB Host Driver
+The USB host driver is provided by the `libbsd`. It is initialized according
+to the device tree. The driver works in polled mode.
+The clock and pin configuration support is quite rudimentary and mostly relies
+on the boot loader.