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+ sources
The following is a quick start guide that provides a basic set of commands to
build the RTEMS Tools and Kernel. The quick start guide provides links to the
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+.. SPDX-License-Identifier: CC-BY-SA-4.0
+.. Copyright (C) 2019 embedded brains GmbH
+.. Copyright (C) 2019 Sebastian Huber
+.. _QuickStartSources:
+Obtain the Sources
+You chose an installation prefix previous section. We chose
+:file:`$HOME/quick-start/rtems/5` as the installation prefix.
+You need at least two source archives or Git repositories to work with RTEMS.
+You can download the source archives for a released RTEMS version or you can
+clone Git repositories to get all versions of RTEMS including the development
+We will clone the Git repositories into :file:`$HOME/quick-start/src`.
+.. code-block:: none
+ mkdir -p $HOME/quick-start/src
+ cd $HOME/quick-start/src
+ git clone git:// rsb
+ git clone git://
+The :file:`rsb` repository clone contains the
+:ref:`RTEMS Source Builder (RSB) <RSB>`. We clone it into
+:file:`rsb` to get shorter paths during the tool suite build. The
+:file:`rtems` repository clone contains the RTEMS sources. These two
+repositories are enough to get started. There are
+`more repositories <>`_ available.
+Alternatively, you can download the source archives of a released RTEMS
+.. code-block:: none
+ mkdir -p $HOME/quick-start/src
+ cd $HOME/quick-start/src
+ curl | tar xJf -
+ curl | tar xJf -
+This quick start chapter focuses on working with the Git repository clones
+since this gives you some flexibility. You can switch between branches to try
+out different RTEMS versions. You have access to the RTEMS source history.
+The RTEMS Project welcomes contributions. The Git repositories enable you to
+easily create patches and track local changes. If you prefer to work with
+archives of a released RTEMS version, then simply replace the version number 5
+used throughout this chapter with the version number you selected, e.g. 4.11.