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-Developers can find help and support on the :r:list:`devel`.
+How to Contribute?
-Technical documents including design, :r:url:`gsoc`, :r:url:`socis` can be
-found on the :r:url:`devel`.
+You can contribute to the RTEMS Project in various ways, for example:
+* participation in mailing list discussions, helping other users
+* documentation updates, clarifications, consolidation, fixes
+* bug fixes, bug report consolidation
+* new BSPs
+* new device drivers
+* new CPU (processor architecture) ports
+* improvements in the existing code base (code size, code clarity, test
+ coverage, performance optimizations)
+* new features
+* RTEMS Tools improvements
+Most contributions will end up in patches of the RTEMS source code or
+documentation sources. The patch integration into the RTEMS repositories is
+done through a
+:ref:`patch review process <PatchReviewProcess>`
+on the :r:list:`devel`.
+Preparing and Sending Patches
+The RTEMS Project uses Git for version control. Git has a special command to
+prepare patches intended for mailing lists:
+`git format-patch <>`_.
+Create logically connected patches as a patch series ideally accompanied by a
+cover letter (``--cover-letter`` option). You can send patches via email
+through a Git command:
+`git send-email <>`_.
+.. _ChecklistForPatches:
+Checklist for Patches
+Check the following items before you send a patch to the :r:list:`devel`:
+* The author name of the patch is your full name.
+* The author email of the patch is your valid email address.
+* The licence conditions of the contributed content allow an integration into
+ the RTEMS code base.
+* If you are the copyright holder of the entire patch content, then please
+ contribute it under the
+ `BSD-2-Clause <>`_
+ license. For documentation use
+ `CC BY-SA 4.0 <>`_.
+* Make sure you have a pregnant subject which does not exceed 50 characters in
+ one line. Use a "topic: The pregnant subject" style. A topic could be the
+ main component of patch. Just have a look at existing commit messages.
+* The patch has a good commit message. It should describe the reason for the
+ change. It should list alternative approaches and why they were not chosen.
+* The code changes honour the coding style. At least do your changes in the
+ style of the surrounding code.
+* The patch contains no spelling mistakes and grammar errors.
+* The patch is easy to review. It changes one thing only and contains no
+ unrelated changes. Format changes should be separated from functional
+ changes.
+* If the patch corresponds to a ticket, it should have "Close #X." or
+ "Update #X." as the last line in the commit message to update status once it
+ is committed to the repository.
+* The patch builds. All RTEMS tests link with this patch.
+* The patch does not introduce new compiler warnings.
+* The patch does not introduce new test failures in existing tests.
+Patch Review Process
+Patches sent to the :r:list:`devel` undergo a
+:ref:`patch review process <PatchReviewProcess>`.
+Once a patch series is accepted for integration into the RTEMS code base it is
+committed by an
+`RTEMS maintainer <>`_. The
+maintainers are usually quite busy with all sorts of stuff. If you do not get a
+response to a patch series submission to the mailing list after five work days,
+please send a reminder. It helps if you follow the :ref:`ChecklistForPatches`.
+An easy to review patch series which meets the quality standards of the RTEMS
+Project will be more likely get integrated quickly.
+.. _PatchReviewProcess:
+.. figure:: ../../images/user/patch-review.*
+ :width: 70%
+ :alt: RTEMS Patch Review Process
+ :figclass: align-center
+ RTEMS Patch Review Process.
Why Contribute?