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@@ -61,9 +61,7 @@ You can list the available BSP testers with:
Some of the BSPs may appear more than once in the list. These are aliased BSP
-configurations that may use a different back end. An example is the erc32 BSP.
-There is the erc32 tester which uses the GDB back end and the ``erc32-run``
-tester which uses the ``run`` command for erc32. We will show how to use
+configurations that may use different back ends. We will show how to use
:program:`rtems-test` command with the erc32 BSP because it is easy to build
and use.
@@ -266,8 +264,8 @@ BSP build tree:
.. code-block:: none
$ ~/development/rtems/test/rtems-tools.git/tester/rtems-test \
- --log=log_erc32_run \
- --rtems-bsp=erc32-run \
+ --log=log_erc32_sis \
+ --rtems-bsp=erc32-sis \
RTEMS Testing - Tester, 5.not_released
[ 1/13] p:0 f:0 u:0 e:0 I:0 B:0 t:0 i:0 | sparc/erc32: base_sp.exe