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.. SPDX-License-Identifier: CC-BY-SA-4.0
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+.. Copyright (C) 2018,2021 Chris Johns <>
Tester Configuration
@@ -226,9 +226,10 @@ supported directives are:
- ``%execute``
- ``%gdb``
- ``%tftp``
+- ``%wait``
-.. _tester-config-console:
.. index:: Console, %console
+.. _tester-config-console:
@@ -278,10 +279,12 @@ configuration script. If the ``%{console_stdio}`` is defined the console will
be ``stdio`` else the console will be the BSP console or ``%{bsp_tty_dev}``.
Telnet can be combined with the ``ser2net`` daemon to remotely access a
-target's physical serial UART interface.
+target's physical serial UART interface. The syntax is ``host:port``::
+ %define bsp_tty_dev
-.. _tester-config-execute:
.. index:: Execute, %execute
+.. _tester-config-execute:
@@ -297,8 +300,8 @@ An example is::
%execute %{run_cmd} %{run_opts} %{test_executable} %{test_executable_opts}
-.. _tester-config-gdb:
.. index:: GDB, %gdb
+.. _tester-config-gdb:
@@ -313,8 +316,8 @@ An example is::
%gdb %{gdb_cmd} %{test_executable} %{gdb_script}
-.. _tester-config-tftp:
.. index:: TFTP, %tftp
+.. _tester-config-tftp:
@@ -328,3 +331,72 @@ board running the test.
An example is::
%tftp %{test_executable} %{tftp_port}
+The RTEMS Tester contains a TFTP server so an external TFTP is not
+needed. It is recommended a TFTP Proxy is set up to handle the TFTP
+sessions for your network. The internal TFTP server ignores the
+requrest file and serves the next executable. If the target requires
+the executable ne in a specific format provide a script via the
+``target_pretest_command`` option in your user configuration file.
+The RTEMS Tools provides a TFTP protocol proxy server. It takes a list
+of MAC addresses and proxies TFTP sessions for that MAC address to
+another IP address and port. A proxy provides the following benefits:
+1. The TFTP proxy server is the only software required to run as root
+2. All hardware targets can be configured to serve from a single
+ machine and the proxy can distribute the sessions out to developer
+ machines
+3. There is no need to provide a globally writable file system a
+ central TFTP server acceses
+If you have a central TFTP server refer to the ``%wait`` directive.
+.. index:: Wait, %wait
+.. _tester-config-wait:
+The ``%wait`` directive waits the timeout period for a test to
+complete. The directive monitors the console output and resets the
+timeout timer if console output is seen. If the test runs for too long
+while outputing data an error is reported.
+The wait directive can be used in systems where there is an external
+mechanism being used to send the executable to the target hardware.
+An example is::
+ %wait
+Wait has no options. The timeouts are controlled in other ways.
+If you have an external system wide TFTP server with global access
+wait can used by providing a `` script that places the file in the
+location the TFTP server can see. This is done as the test start so if
+networking loading there is normally enough time to get the executable
+image in place before the transfer starts. The MVME2700
+(``powerpc/mvme2307``) is a BSP that supports the ``%wait`` directive.
+The following is an example user configuration file (see
+ #
+ # MVME2700 (mvme2307)
+ #
+ [mvme2307]
+ bsp_tty_dev =
+ target_pretest_command = mk-mvme2307-img @EXE@ /tftp/cjohns/rtems.img
+ target_exe_filter = /\.exe/.exe.img/
+ target_on_command = pw-ctl toggle-on 3 1
+ target_off_command = pw-ctl off 3
+ target_reset_command = pw-ctl toggle-on 3 1
+The script ``mk-mvme2307-img`` converts the RTEMS ELF executable into
+the PowerPC prep bootloader format and copies the file to the TFTP
+server's network wide location. The MVME2700 is configured to request
+``rtems.img`` from this location. The command ``pw-ctl`` is a command
+to control the power to the board.