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@@ -57,6 +57,7 @@ The RTEMS Tester and RTEMS Run are primed using defaults from the file
User configuration file.
.. index:: BSP configuration, User configuration
BSP and User Configuration
@@ -65,18 +66,21 @@ configuration file has to have an INI section that is the name of the BSP
passed on the command line. The section has the following mandatory values:
.. index:: bsp
The name of the BSP. The BSP name is used to create a macro map to hold the
BSP's configuration data. Typically this is the same as the BSP name used on
the command line.
.. index:: arch
The name of the BSP architecture. This is need for the GDB configuration
scripts where the architecture specific GDB needs to run. It is mandatory so
the *arch/bsp* standard RTEMS BSP string can be used.
.. index:: tester
The tester or run configuration script. This is the name of the configuration
script the RTEMS Tester or RTEMS Run executes as a back end. The ``tester``
@@ -87,18 +91,22 @@ Target commands support expansion of specific tags to provide a convenient way
for users to customize a local test environment. The parameters expanded are:
.. index:: @ARCH@
The BSP architecture.
.. index:: @BSP@
The BSP's name set by the ``bsp`` value.
.. index:: @EXE@
The executable name as an absolute path
.. index:: @FEXE@
The filtered executable if a ``target_exe_filter`` is provided else the
executable's file name.
@@ -107,6 +115,7 @@ The following are optional and depend on the back end being used and the local
target hardware set up:
.. index:: jobs
The jobs value sets the number of jobs that can be run at once. This setting
only effects the RTEMS Tester. The tester can run up to the ``jobs`` value of
@@ -116,12 +125,14 @@ target hardware set up:
test timeouts may be recorded.
.. index:: bsp_tty_dev
The BSP's tty device. This can be a real device on the host machine the
executable is being run from or it can be a telnet server and port defined
- using the stand host format. See :ref:`tester-consoles` for details.
+ using the stand host format. See :ref:`TesterConsoles` for details.
.. index:: target_pretest_command
The pre-test command is a host shell command that is called before each test
runs. It can be used to construct a suitable environment or image needed by a
@@ -129,12 +140,14 @@ target hardware set up:
and the bootloader specific format is the output.
.. index:: target_posttest_command
The post-test command is a host shell command that is called after each test
has finished. It can be used to destroy any environment or image created by
the pre-test command.
.. index:: target_exe_filter
The target executable filter transforms the executable name into a filtered
executable name. This filter lets the tester or run command track the name of
@@ -147,11 +160,13 @@ target hardware set up:
is no need to escape the text in the second part, it is just plain test.
.. index:: test_restarts
The number of restarts before the test is considered ``invalid``. Currently
not used.
.. index:: target_reset_regex
The target reset regular expression. This is a `Python regular expression
<>`_ used
@@ -161,6 +176,7 @@ target hardware set up:
messages that indicate the boot process as failed.
.. index:: target_start_regex
The target start regular expression. This is a Python regular expression to
@@ -169,6 +185,7 @@ target hardware set up:
restart and ends the test with a suitable result.
.. index:: target_on_command
The target on command is a host shell command that is called before the first
test. This command powers on a target. Targets should be left powered off
@@ -178,11 +195,13 @@ target hardware set up:
.. index:: target_off_command
The target off command is a host shell command that is called after the last
test powering off the target.
.. index:: target_reset_command
The target reset command is a host shell command that is called when the
target needs to be reset. This command can power cycle the target or toggle a