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@@ -270,126 +270,6 @@ architecture or BSP. The RTEMS Project encourages users and organizations to
fill this role for the community. The :ref:`RTEMS Source Builder <RSB>`
provides some aid to :ref:`build and deploy tool binaries <RSBDeployment>`.
-.. index:: Support
-RTEMS offers a variety of support options.
-This section covers all options available to both users and developers. If you
-believe this is a bug report please submit it to the bug tracker otherwise the
-developers mailing list is the default location to send the report.
-RTEMS Project Support
-.. index:: RTEMS Project Support
-The following support channels are provided by the RTEMS Project and provide
-direct access to the RTEMS community.
-Bug Tracker
-.. index:: Bugs
-.. index:: Reporting bugs
-The bug tracker can be found at the :r:url:`bugs`.
-See the `Submission Guidelines <>`_ for
-details on submitting a ticket.
-Be sure to do a cursory search for any tickets that may be relevant to your
-If you are unsure about your issue status submit a ticket and we will help you
-sort it out.
-The latest user documentation can always be found at the :r:url:`docs`.
-.. _support-mailing-lists:
-Mailing Lists
-.. index:: Community
-.. index:: Mailing lists
-We have several mailing lists for RTEMS users and developers.
- * :r:list:`announce`
- * Announcements for major and other project-related issues.
- * :r:list:`bugs`
- * Bugs email from :r:url:`bugs`.
- * :r:list:`devel`
- * Developers list, this is for developers of RTEMS itself.
- * :r:list:`build`
- * Results from the testing and building of RTEMS.
- * :r:list:`users`
- * Users of RTEMS.
- * :r:list:`vc`
- * Commits to the RTEMS master repository.
-.. index:: Community
-.. index:: IRC
-RTEMS IRC is available on the Freenode network. See the `Freenode
-<>`_ web site for details on connecting, selecting a
-nickname, and general usage tips. If you are new to IRC it is recommended
-These are the current IRC channels.
- **#rtems**
-This is a general channel for all things RTEMS. You can just hang out with
-other RTEMS users and developers to talk about RTEMS, using RTEMS or to make
-contact with other RTEMS users.
-The ``#rtems`` channel is logged. You can find the logs at
- You can search the logs using Google by adding:
- ** inurl:irclogs**
-to your search terms.
-.. index:: Community
-.. index:: Developers
-Developers can find help and support on the mailing lists, see
-Technical documents including design, :r:url:`gsoc`, :r:url:`socis` can be
-found on the :r:url:`devel`.
-Commercial Support Services
-The wider RTEMS community has developers and organizations who can provide
-commercial support services. These services range from training, implementing
-new features in RTEMS, deployment of RTEMS< helping establish a new project
-environment for a team, to application and system design.
-The RTEMS Project does not endorse or promote any provider of these services
-and we recommend you use a search engine to locate a suitable provider. If you
-are unsure please contact a provider and see what is available.
-If you develop a new feature or you have someone do this for you we recommend
-you have the work submitted to the project and merged. Once accepted into the
-project the work will be maintained as part of the development process within
-the project and this is a benefit for.
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