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The BSP is known to run on these boards:
* `STM32H743I-EVAL 2 <>`_
+* `STM32H743ZI-Nucleo <>`_
Clock Driver
-The clock driver uses the `ARMv7-M Systick` module.
+The clock driver uses the `ARMv7-M Systick` module. The HSE (external
+oscillator) value can also be different for different evaluation or custom
+boards, so it is recommended to check the default values of the BSP.
Console Driver
The console driver supports the on-chip UART and USART modules.
+Different board variations use different GPIO pins and blocks for the default
+communication UART and it is recommended to check whether the default
+configuration provided is valid in the BSP.
+To specify that the BSP should be built for the STM32H743ZI-Nucleo board,
+users can supply ``STM32H743ZI_NUCLEO = True`` to ``config.ini`` when
+building the BSP.
+Alternatively, users can supply the configuration structs defined in ``hal.h``
+in the application for other boards. For the console driver, the
+``stm32h7_usartX_config`` structs are used to configure the GPIO pins and other
+parameters. The default implementations can be found in
+``bsps/arm/stm32ht/console`` in the RTEMS sources.
Network Interface Driver