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xilinx-zynqmp.rst: Documented SDIO driver
Added documentation for SDIO driver.
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The console driver supports the default Qemu emulated ARM PL011 PrimeCell UART
as well as the physical ARM PL011 PrimeCell UART in the ZynqMP hardware.
+SDHCI Driver
+The ZynqMP bsp has an SDHCI driver which allows reading to and writing from SD
+cards. These can be tested in qemu using the "-sd" option. For example:
+.. code-block:: shell
+ qemu-system-aarch64 -no-reboot -nographic -serial mon:stdio \
+ -machine xlnx-zcu102 -m 4096 -kernel media01.exe -sd example.img
+The SD card image should have an MSDOS partition table with a single partition
+containing a FAT file system.
Network Configuration