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any extra packages as a super user is always helpful in maintaining a secure
computing environment.
-The RTEMS Source Builder is a stand alone tool based on another tool called the
-*SpecBuilder* written by Chris Johns. The *SpecBuilder* was written around 2010
-for the RTEMS project to provide Chris with a way to build tools on hosts that
-did not support RPMs. At the time the RTEMS tools maintainer only supported
-*spec* files and these files held all the vital configuration data needed to
-create suitable tool sets. The available SRPM and *spec* files by themselves
-where of little use because a suitable ``rpm`` tool was needed to use them. At
-the time the available versions of ``rpm`` for a number of non-RPM hosts were
-broken and randomly maintained. The solution Chris settled on was to use the
-*spec* files and to write a Python based tool that parsed the *spec* file
-format creating a shell script that could be run to build the package. The
-approach proved successful and Chris was able to track the RPM version of the
-RTEMS tools on a non-RPM host for a number of years.
-The *SpecBuilder* tool did not build tools or packages unrelated to the RTEMS
-Project where no suitable *spec* file was available so another tool was
-needed. Rather than start again Chris decided to take the parsing code for the
-*spec* file format and build a new tool called the RTEMS Source Builder.
Controlling the Tools Build