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-.. SPDX-License-Identifier: CC-BY-SA-4.0
-.. Copyright (C) 2012, 2016 Chris Johns <>
-.. _Bugs, Crashes, and Build Failures:
-Bugs, Crashes, and Build Failures
-The RTEMS Source Builder is a Python program and every care is taken to test
-the code however bugs, crashes, and build failures can and do happen. If you
-find a bug please report it via the :r:url:`devel` or email on the RTEMS Users
-Please include the generated RSB report. If you see the following a report has
-been generated::
- ...
- ...
- Build FAILED <1>
- See error report: rsb-report-4.11-rtems-lm32.txt <2>
-.. topic:: Items:
- 1. The build has failed.
- 2. The report's file name.
-The generated report contains the command line, version of the RSB, your host's
-``uname`` details, the version of Python and the last 200 lines of the log.
-If for some reason there is no report please send please report the following:
-- Command line,
-- The git hash,
-- Host details with the output of the ``uname -a`` command,
-- If you have made any modifications.
-If there is a Python crash please cut and paste the Python backtrace into the
-bug report. If the tools fail to build please locate the first error in the log
-file. This can be difficult to find on hosts with many cores so it sometimes
-pays to re-run the command with the ``--jobs=none`` option to get a log that is
-correctly sequenced. If searching the log file seach for ``error:`` and the
-error should be just above it.
-.. _Contributing:
-We welcome all users adding, fixing, updating and upgrading packages and their
-configurations. The RSB is open source and open to contributions. These can be
-bug fixes, new features or new configurations. Please break patches down into
-changes to the core Python code, configuration changes or new configurations.
-Please email patches generated using git so your commit messages and you are
-acknowledged as the contributor.