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standards. For example, RTEMS supports BSD derived methods that
are not in POSIX.
-The IEEE Standard 1003.1 is the POSIX standard. Specifically, IEEE
-Standard 1003.1-2008 is the 2003 edition of the POSIX standard and IEEE
-Standard 1003.1-2008 is the 2008 edition. The 2008 is is an update from
-the 2003 edition. Each edition of the POSIX standard tends to add some
-methods, deprecate some methods, and obsolete (e.g. remove) other methods.
+The IEEE Standard 1003.1 is the POSIX standard which is maintained by The
+Open Group. Specifically, IEEE Standard 1003.1-2003 is the 2003 edition
+of the POSIX standard which is referred to by The Open Group as Issue 6.
+IEEE Standard 1003.1-2008 is the 2003 Edition of the standard with two
+Technical Corrigenda applied. It does not have an issue number associated
+with it. IEEE Standard 1003.1-2017 is also known as Issue 7. Each edition
+of the POSIX standard tends to add some methods, deprecate some methods,
+and obsolete (e.g. remove) other methods.
+API differences between Issue 5 and Issue 6 are documented at
+There is not a summary for the changes between Issue 6 as published
+and what was released as 1003.1-2008. However, there is a summary
+of API changes from Issue 6 to Issue 7 (POSIX 1003.1-2017) at
PSE51 through PSE54 are Open Group defined profiles of the 2003 edition
of the POSIX standard. These profiles are: