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Address several issues from compiling examples
Compiling the code from examples "code-block:: c" along with public includes and a bsp exposed a few issues amongst a lot of false positives. Address some of these: * Terminate struct declarations with ';'. Mainly for pedantic correctness. * Show ptrdiff_t instead of size_t for the sbrk() prototype, matching the current argument type in rtems. * Replace some occurrences of unsigned16 with uint16_t. * Fix odd type declaration, "uint8_t char*" -> "char*". * Use appropriate helper to get chain head instead of invalid access to nonexistent struct member. * Remove several excess '\' escapes. * Use RTEMS_SELF instead of undefined SELF. * Use rtems_task instead of void for task functions. * Add missing stack size parameter in task creation. * Use rtems_interrupt_level instead of undefined rtems_interrupt. * Correct return value format for rtems_object_id_get_api() rtems_object_id_get_index() (enum and uint16_t) and also fix corresponding print formatting. * Correct return value documentation for rtems_object_id_get_class(), rtems_object_id_get_node() and rtems_object_id_get_index() int -> uint32_t. * Use RTEMS_SUCCESSFUL instead of undefined RTEMS_STATUS_SUCCESSFUL and fix return value variable name in rate monotonic examples. * Use RTEMS_TIMEOUT instead of undefined TIMEOUT and RTEMS_PERIOD_STATUS instead of undefined STATUS. * Add missing fields to ftpd configuration. * Correct parameter types in ftpd hook prototype, unsigned char * -> void *. * Fix various code-block:: attributes, c -> makefile and c -> shell. * Add missing parenthesis in socket buffer memory calculation example. * Remove typedef in declaration of mq_attr since it is defiend without typedef in reality. * Update siginfo_t declaration to match current reality. * Update shell user command definition example to include mode, uid and gid.
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@@ -99,14 +99,14 @@ to be compiled with the appropriate flags. This can be accomplished by adding
is inside the RTEMS source tree or is built using the RTEMS application
Makefiles, then adding the following line accomplishes this:
-.. code-block:: c
+.. code-block:: makefile
This is equivalent to the following list of definitions. Early versions of the
RTEMS BSD network stack required that all of these be defined.
-.. code-block:: c
+.. code-block:: makefile