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running them.
The RTEMS Project welcomes additions to the various test suites and sample
-application collections.
+application collections. This helps improve coverage of functionality as
+well as ensure user use cases are regularly tested.
The following functional test suites are included with RTEMS.
* Classic API Single Processor Test Suite
* POSIX API Test Suite
-* ITRON API Test Suite
+* File System Test Suite
* Support Library Test Suite (libtests)
-* Multiprocessing Test Suite
+* Symmetric Multiprocessing Test Suite
+* Distributed Multiprocessing Test Suite
* Classic API Ada95 Binding Test Suite
The following timing test suites are included with RTEMS.
* Classic API Timing Test Suite
-* ITRON API Timing Test Suite
-* The RTEMS source distribution includes three collections of sample applications.
+* POSIX API Timing Test Suite
+* Rhealstone Collection
+* Benchmarks Collecction
-Sample Applications (built as RTEMS tests)
+The RTEMS source distribution includes two collections of sample applications.
+* Sample Applications (built as RTEMS tests)
* Example Applications (built as RTEMS user applications)
+The RTEMS libbsd package includes its own test suite.
+Legacy Test Suites
+The following are available for the legacy IPV4 Network Stack:
* Network Demonstration Applications
+Post RTEMS 4.10, ITRON API support was removed. The following test suites
+are only available if the ITRON API support is present in RTEMS.
+* ITRON API Test Suite
+* ITRON API Timing Test Suite