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Initial start of converting the Word outline to Rest
Thanks to Scott Zemerick <> for the analysis and ideas that led to this.
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+.. comment SPDX-License-Identifier: CC-BY-SA-4.0
+.. COMMENT: COPYRIGHT (c) 2018.
+.. COMMENT: RTEMS Foundation, The RTEMS Documentation Project
+The Real Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems (RTEMS) operating
+systems is a layered system with each of the public APIs implemented in
+terms of a common foundation layer called the SuperCore. RTEMS provides
+full capabilities for management of tasks, interrupts time, and multiple
+processors in addition to those features typical of generic operating
+systems. RTEMS has been implemented in both the Ada and C programming
+.. topic: RTEMS Mission Statement
+ RTEMS development aims to provide a free deterministic real-time operating
+ system targeted towards deeply embedded systems which is competitive
+ with closed source products. The RTEMS project encourages the support
+ and use of standard APIs in order to promote application portability
+ and ease porting other packages to the RTEMS environment. Source:
+The RTEMS development effort uses an open development environment in
+which all users collaborate to improve RTEMS. The RTEMS cross development
+toolset is based upon the free GNU tools and the open source C Library
+newlib. RTEMS supports many host platforms and target architectures.