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rtems-docs: remove Eclipse Manual
Due to RTEMS 6 no longer using the Make build system and instead using Waf (Eclipse does not offer Waf support), this guide is being removed.
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- Binutils
- GNU Binary Utilities such as the assembler ``as``, linker ``ld`` and a
- range of other tools used in the development of software.
- Dynamically Linker Library used on Windows.
- GNU Compiler Tool chain. It is the GNU C/C++ compiler, binutils and GDB.
- GNU Debugger
- MinGW
- Minimal GNU system for Windows that lets GCC built programs use the
- standard Windows operating system DLLs. It lets you build native Windows
- programs with the GNU GCC compiler.
- MinGW64
- Minimal GNU system for 64bit Windows. MinGW64 is not the MinGW project.
- Minimal System 2 is a fork of the MinGW project's MSYS tool and the MinGW
- MSYS tool is a fork of Cygwin project. The Cygwin project provides a POSIX
- emulation layer for Windows so POSIX software can run on Windows. MSYS is a
- minimal version that is just enough to let ``configure`` scripts run. MSYS
- has a simplified path structure to make it easier to building native Windows
- programs.
- Portable Operating System Interface is a standard that lets software be
- portable between compliant operating systems.
- prefix
- A path used when building a package so all parts of the package reside
- under that path.
- RTEMS Source Builder is part of the RTEMS Tools Project. It builds packages
- such as the tools for the RTEMS operating system.
- The Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems or RTEMS is an open
- source fully featured Real Time Operating System or RTOS that supports a
- variety of open standard application programming interfaces (API) and
- interface standards such as POSIX and BSD sockets.
- Test Suite
- See Testsuite
- Testsuite
- RTEMS test suite located in the ``testsuites/`` directory.
- Waf
- Waf build system. For more information see