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@@ -183,16 +183,16 @@ Deleting a Timer
The ``rtems_timer_delete`` directive is used to delete a timer.
If the timer is running and has not expired, the timer is
-automatically canceled. The timer’s control block is returned
+automatically canceled. The timer's control block is returned
to the TMCB free list when it is deleted. A timer can be
deleted by a task other than the task which created the timer.
-Any subsequent references to the timer’s name and ID are invalid.
+Any subsequent references to the timer's name and ID are invalid.
-This section details the timer manager’s directives.
-A subsection is dedicated to each of this manager’s directives
+This section details the timer manager's directives.
+A subsection is dedicated to each of this manager's directives
and describes the calling sequence, related constants, usage,
and status codes.