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bsp-howto: Avoid :file: role with ${...}
The curly braces have a special meaning in the :file: role. This patch is a part of the BSP source reorganization. Update #3285.
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@@ -144,9 +144,9 @@ Board Support Package Structure
The BSPs are all under the `bsps <>`_
directory. The structure in this source subtree is:
-* :file:`bsps/shared`
-* :file:`bsps/${{RTEMS_CPU}}/shared`
-* :file:`bsps/${{RTEMS_CPU}}/${{RTEMS_BSP_FAMILY}}`
+* ``bsps/shared``
+* ``bsps/${RTEMS_CPU}/shared``
+* ``bsps/${RTEMS_CPU}/${RTEMS_BSP_FAMILY}``
The ``${RTEMS_CPU}`` is a particular architecture, e.g. arm, powerpc, riscv,
sparc, etc. The ``shared`` directories contain code shared by all BSPs or BSPs
@@ -154,7 +154,7 @@ of a particular architecture. The ``${RTEMS_BSP_FAMILY}`` directories contain
BSPs for a particular system on chip (SoC) or processor family.
Use the following structure under the
* :file:`ata` - the legacy ATA/IDE driver
* :file:`btimer` - the legacy benchmark timer driver