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Address several issues from compiling examples
Compiling the code from examples "code-block:: c" along with public includes and a bsp exposed a few issues amongst a lot of false positives. Address some of these: * Terminate struct declarations with ';'. Mainly for pedantic correctness. * Show ptrdiff_t instead of size_t for the sbrk() prototype, matching the current argument type in rtems. * Replace some occurrences of unsigned16 with uint16_t. * Fix odd type declaration, "uint8_t char*" -> "char*". * Use appropriate helper to get chain head instead of invalid access to nonexistent struct member. * Remove several excess '\' escapes. * Use RTEMS_SELF instead of undefined SELF. * Use rtems_task instead of void for task functions. * Add missing stack size parameter in task creation. * Use rtems_interrupt_level instead of undefined rtems_interrupt. * Correct return value format for rtems_object_id_get_api() rtems_object_id_get_index() (enum and uint16_t) and also fix corresponding print formatting. * Correct return value documentation for rtems_object_id_get_class(), rtems_object_id_get_node() and rtems_object_id_get_index() int -> uint32_t. * Use RTEMS_SUCCESSFUL instead of undefined RTEMS_STATUS_SUCCESSFUL and fix return value variable name in rate monotonic examples. * Use RTEMS_TIMEOUT instead of undefined TIMEOUT and RTEMS_PERIOD_STATUS instead of undefined STATUS. * Add missing fields to ftpd configuration. * Correct parameter types in ftpd hook prototype, unsigned char * -> void *. * Fix various code-block:: attributes, c -> makefile and c -> shell. * Add missing parenthesis in socket buffer memory calculation example. * Remove typedef in declaration of mq_attr since it is defiend without typedef in reality. * Update siginfo_t declaration to match current reality. * Update shell user command definition example to include mode, uid and gid.
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diff --git a/bsp-howto/console.rst b/bsp-howto/console.rst
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--- a/bsp-howto/console.rst
+++ b/bsp-howto/console.rst
@@ -168,7 +168,7 @@ The handler table for the polled mode should look like the following.
.set_attributes = my_driver_set_attributes,
.ioctl = my_driver_ioctl, /* optional, may be NULL */
- }
+ };
The :c:func:`my_driver_poll_write()` routine is responsible for writing ``n``
characters from ``buf`` to the serial device specified by ``base``.
diff --git a/bsp-howto/miscellanous_support.rst b/bsp-howto/miscellanous_support.rst
index cea744d..77b7194 100644
--- a/bsp-howto/miscellanous_support.rst
+++ b/bsp-howto/miscellanous_support.rst
@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ prototype for this routine:
.. code-block:: c
- void * sbrk(size_t increment)
+ void * sbrk(ptrdiff_t increment)
The ``increment`` amount is based upon the ``sbrk_amount`` parameter passed to
the ``bsp_libc_init`` during system initialization.
diff --git a/bsp-howto/real_time_clock.rst b/bsp-howto/real_time_clock.rst
index ee40a6c..62ec09e 100644
--- a/bsp-howto/real_time_clock.rst
+++ b/bsp-howto/real_time_clock.rst
@@ -67,8 +67,8 @@ table is below:
bool dmv177_icm7170_probe(int minor)
- volatile unsigned16 *card_resource_reg;
- card_resource_reg = (volatile unsigned16 *) DMV170_CARD_RESORCE_REG;
+ volatile uint16_t *card_resource_reg;
+ card_resource_reg = (volatile uint16_t *) DMV170_CARD_RESORCE_REG;
if ( (*card_resource_reg & DMV170_RTC_INST_MASK) == DMV170_RTC_INSTALLED )
return TRUE;
return FALSE;