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@@ -6,19 +6,49 @@ check the version and ensure you have a suitable version. If your host does not
provide a packaged version use PIP to fetch a recent version. The Sphinx
website provides details on doing this.
-Building PDF requires a full Latex install.
+ReST is the Re-Structed-Text format. It is a simple markup language that allows
+us to create quality documentaion. It is flexible and powerful however do not
+attempt to train it to create a specific format. You need to test any new way
+of present something on all output formats. What may look great in one format
+may not translate with the same clarity to another output format.
+The RTEMS Documentation output formats are:
+ HTML - Multi-page HTML with files in a single directory per manual.
+ PDF - Single PDF per manual.
+ SIngle HTML - Single HTML, one file per manual.
+Host Setup
+HTML builds directly with Sphinx, PDF requires a full Latex install, and
+building a Single HTML page requires the 'inliner' tool.
+Please add your host as you set it up.
+ # pkg install py27-sphinx
+ # pkg install texlive-full
+Single HTML:
+ # pkg install npm
+ # npm install -g inliner
To build enter in the top directory:
- $ ./waf configure
+ $ ./waf configure [--pdf] [--singlehtml] [--prefix]
$ ./waf
-PDF output can be built without needing to configure again:
- $ ./waf --pdf
+The '--pdf' and '--singlehtml' options can be added to build those output
To build and install to a specific location:
@@ -31,6 +61,9 @@ version level:
$ ./waf configure --sphinx-verbose=-v
$ ./waf clean build
+You can enter a manual's directory and run the same configure command and build
+just that manual.
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